BkA Reports Are Thorough & Transparent

Test reports belong to you, the customer. If you register with BkA, you can download PDF copies of reports and laboratory certificates for your current and previous jobs from our Customer Portal. With a customer's written permission, we also will submit reports directly to a designated third-party such as a product certification body.

When we conduct a test to determine conformity to assessment criteria and the results are in compliance, we include a laboratory Certificate of Compliance. You can use this certificate to demonstrate – to your customers and other interested parties – that product testing requirements and criteria for low-emitting products have been met. The certificate provides pertinent information regarding the product sample and the standard to which the sample was evaluated. It shows the assessment criteria and the test item’s performance relative to these criteria.

While individual reports vary based on the testing program, VOC emission reports typically contain the following information:

Cover Page - Identifies the methods used, the customer and contact information, the product sample and its collection history, and the test item preparation and testing schedule.

Summary of Test Results - Summarizes the results for the test item relative to the assessment criteria and states whether or not the item meets these criteria.

Summary of Test Procedure - Describes test item specimen preparation and presents details of the test methods, chamber conditions, and calculation parameters.

Test Results - Lists compounds detected and their chemical hazard classification; presents chamber concentrations, emission factors, and projected concentrations for standard indoor environments as applicable.

Definitions, Equations and Comments - Defines terms and shows the equations used in the calculations; includes further details as called for, along with any deviations from the methods.

Appendices - Provides detailed information on chemical analytical methods, lists the acceptance criteria for individual VOCs, and appends the chain-of-custody form that accompanied the product sample.