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June 12, 2015

BkA SPF Insulation Testing Recognized by Canadian CCMC

Berkeley Analytical is partnering with QAI Laboratories and Rosenblum Environmental for VOC emission testing and toxicology evaluations of Spray-in-Place Polyurethane Foam (SPF) insulation required in Canada. Many manufacturers of two-part SPF insulation products are using Canadian Construction Materials Centre (CCMC) product evaluation services to demonstrate the conformity of their products to the National Building Code of Canada and to Canadian provincial building codes. For SPF insulation, a CCMC evaluation requires measurement of the emissions of volatile organic chemicals (VOCs) and exposure assessments for emitted VOCs to estimate re-occupancy times following product application. Berkeley Analytical and its partners are now recognized by the CCMC for this testing and assessment. QAI Laboratories coordinates the sample collection, the testing schedule, and the toxicology evaluation and observes the spraying of test samples. Berkeley Analytical performs a 30-day VOC emission test following Canadian test method, CAN/ULC S-774 . The test is set up to mimic a model room and is conducted at elevated temperature and relative humidity with VOC samples collected periodically throughout the test period. Following test completion, Rosenblum Environmental identifies potential VOC hazards, conducts an exposure assessment for the model room, and recommends an airing out time for isolation and ventilation following application of the SPF insulation.

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