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February 07, 2018

Berkeley Analytical and GIGA Partner to Connect IAQ Data to Origin

On the heels of Berkeley Analytical’s ClearChem™ program being approved for inclusion in the mindful MATERIALS Program, GIGA and Berkeley Analytical have partnered to integrate ClearChem™ declarations with the Origin Material Hub. Thru this partnership, users of the Origin Material Data Hub and mindful MATERIALS Library will have access to search and use ClearChem™ declaration data. ClearChem™ declarations will also support GIGA’s collaboration with USGBC and IWBI to support LEED, WELL and RESET project submittals

Following integration, project teams, architects and specifiers will be able to search for all ClearChem™ accredited materials and products. Manufacturers will be able to connect their materials to their ClearChem™ declarations. Once connected to the Berkeley Analytical source, manufacturer materials will be updated on Origin as their ClearChem™ declarations are renewed. The result of this partnership will save manufactures time as they manage their material information while ensuring that project teams have current, accurate and relevant VOC information at their fingertips. This partnership also aims to increase visibility for the ClearChem™ program, create ROI for manufacturers who pursue self-declaration, and underscore the importance of Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) research and reporting.

Notably, all manufacturers who participate in the mindful MATERIALS Program will be able to use their ClearChem™ Declarations to satisfy VOC Content and VOC Emissions reporting requirements. Clear Chem™ declarations that may contribute to LEEDv4 Low Emitting Materials (LEM) credits will also be highlighted for users of the Origin Material Data Hub and the mindful MATERIALS Library.

Raja Tannous, Laboratory Director at Berkeley Analytical stated, “Our data partnership with GIGA and the entry of ClearChem™ declaration information into the Origin Material Data Hub represents a significant benefit for our customers. Our ClearChem™ program emphasizes the transparency of environmental claims and data integrity, which are in alignment with GIGA’s philosophy and Origin’s structure. With this partnership, our customers will be able to deliver their product claims to the international architectural community using the world’s largest and most recognized material transparency information platform.”

Ryan Dick, COO at GIGA stated, “As project teams increasingly prioritize health and wellness, access to accurate VOC Content and VOC Emission data has never been more critical. Our partnership with Berkeley Analytical will make VOC information more accessible to the entire building industry while specifically reducing manufacturers’ data management burdens. We believe this data partnership will provide a strong, reliable resource for project teams in pursuit of healthy building certifications.” 

Integration efforts are underway, and data exchange will begin during the second quarter of 2018.


About Berkeley Analytical:

Berkeley Analytical, founded in 1989, is a well-recognized environmental laboratory specializing in indoor air quality and other indoor pollutant exposure issues. Its work supports the design and operation of healthy buildings. Berkeley Analytical’s services include VOC emission testing of all types of furniture and interior building products and finishes as well as the measurement of product content and exposure parameters for semi-volatile organic pollutants. Berkeley Analytical operates the ClearChem™ declaration program for its customers, which facilitates the creation of ISO 14021 compliant self-declared environmental product claims.  For more information: Raja Tannous

About ClearChem:

Berkeley Analytical developed and operates the ClearChem™ program for its customers free of charge. ClearChem facilitates the creation of ISO 14021 compliant self-declared environmental product claims for interior building products that meet all of the requirements of USGBC’s LEED v4 Low-Emitting Material credit. ClearChem declarations are supported by a freely available, comprehensive standard that emphasizes transparency by requiring all product claims to be supported by testing.  For more information: Alfred Hodgson

About GIGA

GIGA is an independent third party which combines the development of building standards with cloud software. GIGA's software tools provide access to transparent, connected data to support performance-driven, regenerative buildings.  For more information: Rebecca Best

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