State-of-the-Art Analytical Testing Facilities

Berkeley Analytical (BkA) maintains state-of-the-art environmental chamber testing facilities and GC/MS instrumentation.

We operate small-scale and mid-scale environmental chambers for product testing. These have been designed following ASTM Standards D5116 and D6670, respectively. Field and Laboratory Emission Cells (FLEC) and temperature programmable micro-scale chambers also are available. Micro-scale chambers primarily are used for rapid testing of product emissions for quality control purposes and for studies of semi-volatile organic compound (SVOC) emissions. We currently operate the following environmental chamber testing facilities:

  • 26 Small-scale chambers—67 L electro-polished stainless steel
  • 4 Mid-scale chambers—6 & 14 m3 with polished stainless steel inner surfaces
  • 2 Field and Laboratory Emission Cells—FLEC, Chematec
  • 2 Micro-chamber Thermal Extractor systems, Markes International

Chamber testing requires precise control of sampling events and environmental parameters. All of the flow rates for air inlet and gas sampling are regulated with electronic mass flow controllers, sampling events are electronically timed, and environmental data are continuously monitored and recorded. Our ISO/IEC 17025 accredited quality management system assures that flow rate, temperature, humidity, and other measurements are within specifications for reproducibility and accuracy.

Air samples for field studies and chamber testing are analyzed for VOCs using thermal desorption GC/MS instrumentation. Samples for formaldehyde and other aldehydes are collected using DNPH chemistry and analyzed by HPLC. The analysis of phthalate esters, flame retardants and other target SVOCs in products and in environmental samples such as air, surface wipes and dust is performed by GC/MS. Our GC/MS instrumentation consists of:

Thermal Desorption - Gas Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry (TD-GC/MS) System 1

  • Model 7890A Gas Chromatograph, Agilent
  • Model 5975C Mass Spectrometer, Agilent
  • TD-100 Thermal Desorber, Markes International

TD-GC/MS System 2

  • Model 6890N Gas Chromatograph, Agilent
  • Model 5973N Mass Spectrometer, Agilent
  • ULTRA Multi-tube Autosampler and UNITY Thermal Desorber, Markes International

Gas Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry (GC/MS)

  • Model 7890B Gas Chromatograph, Agilent
  • Model 5977A Mass Spectrometer, Agilent
  • Combi PAL Sample Injection System, CTC Analytics