Berkeley Analytical transitions testing to CDPH Standard Method V1.2

May 26, 2017

Beginning in April, Berkeley Analytical started using CDPH/EHLB/Standard Method V1.2, 2017 for testing and evaluation of VOC emissions from interior building products for compliance with LEED v4 EQ Credit: Low-Emitting Materials, FloorScore® and other green building and product certification programs. This new version of the standard was published by CA Dept. of Public Health in January 2017 and became effective April 2017. It updated the allowable concentration for benzene emissions in Table 4-1 to 1.5 µg/m3. The revision was based on a downward revision of the benzene chronic REL from 60 to 3 µg/m3 made by CA OEHHA in 2014. All other requirements of the standard are unchanged from V1.1. Customers may request use of V1.1 for applications where it is still recognized. The CDPH Standard Method is the primary VOC emissions standard for North America.