Chemical Analysis Laboratory

Specialized Chemical Analysis

Berkeley Analytical is an analytical chemistry laboratory with the expertise and capability to address a number of questions related to volatile and semi-volatile organic compounds. We’re interested in assisting manufacturers and researchers with projects related to our specialties that include:

  • VOC & formaldehyde air emission studies
  • VOC & formaldehyde content analysis
  • Proposition 65 exposure studies for VOCs & SVOCs
  • PQRI leachable/extractable studies of drug packaging & containers

Our analytical laboratory services have been applied to studies of:

  • Medical device materials, e.g., inhalable drug delivery devices
  • Automotive cabin materials
  • Consumer packaging materials
  • Cosmetic products
  • Fragrance products
  • Food additives
  • Chemical sensors
  • Chemical air cleaners

If you require the services of a specialized chemical analysis laboratory, please contact us to discuss your project’s needs.