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Leading manufacturers depend on Berkeley Analytical (BkA) for rigorous and independent testing of organic chemical emissions and content for building products, flooring, finishes, textiles, furniture, and toys.



Test Your Building Products, Earn Market Recognition!

As a manufacturer of building products, you know that customers are concerned not only with product performance and cost, but also with public health. Fortunately, there are several ways to demonstrate your commitment to manufacturing low chemical-impact products. If you aim to make a self-declared claim or seek third-party certification, Berkeley Analytical is the preferred laboratory for testing products for VOC emissions. We can support you in all aspects of testing and compliance so you can earn recognition under LEED®, CALGreen, ASHRAE 189.1, CHPS and other programs. Read more.

Flooring Manufacturers Benefit with FloorScore® and NSF/ANSI 140!

With certification of resilient flooring to FloorScore® or carpet to the NSF/ANSI 140-2007e sustainability standard, you can assure customers that indoor environmental quality is a top priority. Berkley Analytical can provide independent testing of your flooring products for compliance with volatile organic compound (VOC) emission criteria as defined in CDPH Standard Method Version 1.1. We’re an approved testing laboratory for FloorScore® (resilient flooring) and SCS Sustainable Choice™ (carpet) and also support self-declared claims for flooring. Read more.

Distinguish Your Furniture Products for Low IEQ Emissions!

Your customers are increasingly aware of the potential health impacts of furniture products used in offices, schools, hospitals, and homes. An important concern is the release of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), including formaldehyde, into indoor air. Furniture manufacturers consistently turn to Berkeley Analytical for independent product emissions testing under ANSI/BIFMA standards for compliance with programs such as SCS Indoor Advantage™, Indoor Advantage™ Gold, and BIFMA level™—and to earn credits under LEED®, CHPS, and other sustainable building programs. Read more.

Earn Market Recognition for Low-emitting Textiles!

Do you manufacture textile-based upholstery or wall coverings? If so, you may benefit from independent chemical emissions testing to demonstrate that your products emit low levels of VOCs. Berkeley Analytical will independently test your textile products to the health-driven VOC emission protocols established in CDPH Standard Method Version 1.1. This will help you market to furniture manufacturers and designers. We’ll also support you in product certification to SCS Indoor Advantage™ Gold, and compliance with LEED® and CHPS. Read more.

Test Your Toys and Childcare Articles for CPSIA!

The federal Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA) includes two regulatory requirements to minimize phthalate esters in children’s toys and child care articles. Are you compliant with this mandate? Berkeley Analytical can help you meet your CPSIA obligations. We’re ISO/IEC 17025 accredited for the CPSC and EPA test methods for determining phthalates in products and materials, and can guide you through the complexities of the testing requirements. Our accredited partner lab performs lead testing, so you receive one-stop services. Read more.

Berkeley Analytical (BkA) is an environmental laboratory specializing in the analysis of organic chemicals emitted by and contained in building products, finishes, furniture, medical devices, and consumer products such as toys. We provide independent testing and analysis to support product compliance with product certification and building rating programs (e.g., LEED®, CHPS), green building codes (e.g., CALGreen, ASHRAE 189.1, IgCC), building studies, research projects, and product development — with a strong commitment to improving the environmental and human health impacts of products. We are an ISO/IEC 17025:2005 accredited environmental testing laboratory. This accreditation demonstrates our technical competence for the performance of the standards in our scope and for the operation of our laboratory Quality Management System. Our environmental testing laboratory uses state-of-the-art environmental testing chambers and our analytical laboratories are equipped with the latest GC/MS and HPLC instruments to produce rigorous tests and reliable results. Importantly, BkA is an environmental laboratory that values its customers and strives to offer quality, value oriented, personalized service.